Descendants of James Eastup-1538


174. Lorraine Vermilye-2119

From copy of marriage certificate to Steven Jake. Appently married
previously to Donald R. Semsa? On 2 May 1970 married Steven Jake.
Had a child Allen aged 20, was divorced from Donald, June 6, 1961 case no

175. Henry W Vermilye Jr-2118

Obtained copy of marriage certificate, to Naomi J Moorehead age 22 of 4691 W
150 th. Date of Certificate 21 Aug 1947, marriage 30 Aug 1947.

Marriage record, no. 353, Lake County, Probate court, OH.
Henry W. Vermilye Jr, and Charlotte M. Trowbridge, married on 21st Oct, 1967.
by Rev Rodney E. Funk, Euclid, OH.
States, he is a sheet metal worker, and has minor children from a marriage to
Naomi Rogers: Grant 9 years, and Darla 17 years. Divorce granted common pleas
court, Lorain County, OH 10/13/67.

244. Darla Vermilye-2303

Information from fathers marriage certificate no. 353, Probate Court, Lake
County, OH>

245. Grant Vermilye-2304

Information from marriage cert no. 353, Probate Court, Lake, county, OH.

Charlotte M Trowbridge-2302

Taken from marriage record 353, Probate court, Lake County, OH

178. Russell Vermilye-2154

Marriage Record No. 121 Lake County Probate Court, 19 Jul 1952
Russell E Vermilye married Edith L. Bixel 19 July 1952, Willoughby, OH
by Rev William A. Hartman.

Edith L Bixel-2293

Taken from marriage record no 121. Lake County Probate court.OH

246. Roland R Vermilye-2305

Taken from marriage record no. 68-716 Probate Court, Lake County, OH.
Married Kathy l Nunamaker, 5 Sep 1981.

Kathy L Finotti-2306

Taken from marriage record 68-716, Lake County Probate Court, OH.
She had previously been married to Robert Nunamaker, and had a son Shane 2.

247. Kurt M Vermilye-2294

Taken from marriage record 847, Lake county, probate court.

Barbara L Jones-2295

Taken from marriage record no 847, Lake county probate court, OH.

248. Barbara Kae Vermilye-2298

Taken from Marriage Record no.678 Lake County, Probate court, OH.

Richard John Martin-2300

Taken from marriage record no. 678, Lake County Probate Court, OH.

249. Bonnie M Vermilye-2299

Taken from marriage record no. 678, Lake county probate court, OH.

Daniel E Houghkerk Jr-2301

taken from marriage record no. 2, Lake county Probate Court, OH.

Clarissa Vera Oliphant-2159

Information from second marriage record, she divorced Walter 9/8/65, amd
married Clyde F. Wendell 31 day Dec 1966.

Dennis Gould-2164

Certificate of Marriage, shows Dennis Gould & Denise Vermilye married 5 July
1980 by Donald E. McClintick in Euclid, Oh.

182. Gerald Vermilye-2158

Marriage Certificate 332820 registered in Cleveland, Oh

254. Michael G Vermilye-2169

Marriage certificate 675939 shows marriage to Nancy G. Kowalski. 17 Aut 1985.

Nancy G Kowalski-2170

Taken from marriage certificate 675939.

191. John Franklin Hewitt-1752

Information obtained from his mother Evelyn Hewitt

260. Janet Hewitt-1755

Information obtained from her Grandmother, Evelyn Hewitt

261. Pamela Jean Hewitt-1756

information obtained from her grandmother Evelyn Hewitt
Marriage Record, no. 386 Lake County, Probate Court, OH.
Pamela Jean Hewitt, married Raymond Clifton CarthenII, 2 May 1988.

Raymond Clifton Carthen II-1923

Information regarding marriage to Pam Hewitt obtained from Evelyn Hewitt

262. Matthew Hewitt-1757

Information obtained from grandmother Evelyn Hewitt

192. Larrie Victor Hewitt-1753

Information obtained from mother Evelyn Hewitt
Application for Marriage License, dated 23 Oct 1961.
Marriage took place 11 Nov 1961 Larry Victor Hewitt and Roselyn Taddeo
Roselyn Taddeo, parents Salvatore, and Lena Falicano

Roselyn Taddeo-1758

Information obtained from Mother in Law Evelyn Hewitt
Parents names Sal Toddeo, Lena

263. Lawrence Hewitt-1759

Information obtained from grandmother Evelyn Hewitt

264. Kimberly Hewitt-1760

Information obtained from grandmother Evelyn Hewitt

265. Gregory Hewitt-1761

Information obtained from grandmother Evelyn Hewitt Aug '92

266. Traci Hewitt-1762

Information obtained from grandmother Evelyn Hewitt Aug '92

Timothy J Giarelli-1925

Marriage License shows applied for 8 May 1992, marriage 23 May 1992 in
Wickliffe Oh, by David McCafferty, reverend Our Lady Mt Carmel